Elegant wardrobe staples

Crafted for curves

We make garments in a tailored silhouette, designed to flatter the natural shape of the body. Starting from US size 14 / EU size 44.

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Effortlessly well dressed

Our style is inspired by our hometown Paris and the chic yet casual air of the city. Clothes in a classic style, made with high quality materials, made to last.

We don’t care much for trends, we make wardrobe staples that creates an elegant look that dosen’t fade.

About us

Verseau Paris is a love story, started by Andrea and Loic, a Swedish Aquarius and a Central African Libra.

Starting a clothing brand was originally Andrea's idea, her vision is to bring Parisian style and French savoir-faire to plus-size fashion.

Tell us everything

We want to know what is wrong or right with the clothes you’re in today, to make what you’ll love tomorrow

(or at least in the near future).

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